Do It Scared: Propelling a Best-Selling Book Launch and a Membership Community


Who: Ruth Soukup. NYT Bestselling author and the founder of Elite Blog Academy and

The Situation: Before she wrote her book Do It Scared, Ruth already had strong feelings about the power of fear and how to conquer it. Her goal for her book was to help her audience identify their fear and take action to overcome it. 

The Obstacle: What exactly did her audience need to identify their fear and claim victory over? How could she help people best?

The Goal: First, gather data from loyal followers and learn about their fears. Then, use the data to inform her writing, and finally, compile the data to inform an assessment geared to help people identify their fears and learn more about themselves.

The Research (1:20)

We partnered with a data science team and psychologist to issue a strategic survey to Ruth’s loyal audience. We gathered thousands of responses from her followers. The data team helped analyze the results and look for themes. We discovered seven consistent fear archetypes. 

Assessment & Report Tour (2:20)

We built an assessment to help people identify their dominant fear archetype. The in-depth assessment boasted high completion rates, we believe due to the immediately perceived value. 

Ruth offered a free report and a premium report. Both offer loads of value: a definition of your archetype and insight into how it affects your life. How your fear archetypes interact. Overall impact of fear. Specific action plans and CTAs.

Each version had tailored CTAs based on the progression of the user. 

Two paths to the assessment: 

  1. Anyone accessing the assessment via the book immediately gained access to the premium report
  2. Cold traffic landed on the free assessment report with fewer insights and a call to upgrade to the premium report

Premium report showed complex results presented in a simple fashion. Each of the seven archetypes had its own report and within this report, each combination of fear archetypes had its own specific information. (21 possible outcomes in total.)

The Results (6:00)
Book launch (6:00)

 – Several people were doing the assessment before the book was even available. They were cultivated to buy a book. Do It Scared quickly became a bestseller.

PR wins (6:40)

 – The book launch led to dozens of podcasts and media highlights. The CTA after interviews (“I have a free assessment you can do.”) was simple and generous, much better than “Go buy my book!” Lead gen and conversion increased significantly, especially after Ruth was highlighted on Girl Boss and Forbes. 

Email list growth (9:07)

 – The assessment drove tens of thousands to enter Ruth’s funnel

Launched a membership community (9:32)

 – The assessment moved thousands to enroll in a paid membership community. 

The Strategies (10:10)

The assessment had two functions: to cultivate book sales and to cultivate readers into the online membership community. One assessment, two cultivation paths. One seven-figure book launch. Thousands of paid community members. 

If you’re thinking of creative ways to crush a book launch, let’s connect! Book a free strategy call. The possibilities for a next-level assessment are endless and we’d love to help you land a bestseller just like Ruth.