Elite Blog Academy: Powering a 7-Figure Course Launch


Who: Ruth Soukup. NYT Bestselling author and the founder of Elite Blog Academy and LivingWellSpendingLess.com

The Obstacle: Ruth’s success is rooted in her desire to impact lives and provide overwhelming value. When she was getting ready to launch her online course, Elite Blog Academy, she wanted to build an incredible funnel and drive up value for everyone, not just those people taking the course.

The Goal: To create an assessment that would engage prospective students and help them on their blogging journey, regardless of whether or not they joined the course.

Assessment Tour (1:40)

We opted for a clear layout with simple user interface. It was perfect for mobile and generated tons of traffic.

Report Tour (1:56)

Each 8-part report was completely unique and ranked people in terms of focus, positivity, kindness, persistence, taking action, flexibility, gratitude, and generosity.

The interactive graph on the sidebar showed users how they scored in each of the 8 categories.

The Results (2:54)

Conversion boost: The assessment was the highest converting asset in Ruth’s funnel by a wide margin. 

Affiliate tool: Affiliates loved pointing their audiences to something that was worth their audience’s time.

Highly personalized: The data collected from the assessment helped Ruth to personalize her follow-up sequences 

The Strategy (4:31)

Engage: Organic and paid traffic directed people to the EBA assessment

Deliver value: Ruth gave her audience life-changing feedback

Cultivate: Users received highly personalized follow-up communication

Convert: Personalization and value led to high conversion rates for this premium online course

Ruth’s Unique 4-Level Strategy (4:55)

Ruth divided her customers into four categories based on their existing knowledge and overall readiness. She did this to help with strategic cultivation. 

Level 1: Not quite there yet

Level 2: Serious potential

Level 3: On a plateau

Level 4: Well on your way

Ruth identified Level 2 & 4 people displayed initiative and a growth mindset. She used her follow-up communication to actively cultivate these keen learners into her online course.

Ruth identified people in levels 1 & 3 didn’t display the same initiative. They likely wouldn’t reap benefits like the go-getters in levels 2 and 4. She personalized their follow-up to gently cultivate them away from the course and toward other offerings that would serve them better. This kept space in the online course open for more dedicated students. 

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