Marriage Assessment: Opt-in for Driving Conference Ticket Sales


Who: Beth and Jeff McCord, authors, speakers, and founders of Your Enneagram Coach 

The Situation: Beth and Jeff originally built their own enneagram assessment with an off-the-shelf tool. Once they maxed its capacity for growth, they partnered with Indicator to build a next-level assessment. (You can read the case study here.) After launching the new assessment, they saw a tremendous influx of leads thanks to their new value-driven quiz and highly strategic cultivation.

The Obstacle: How could they capitalize on momentum and provide even more value for their growing loyal audience?

The Goal: To build a sub-brand and focus on helping couples deepen their relationships based on their enneagram profile. They produced a trifecta of resources (a book, a live event, and an online course) and tied it all together by creating another successful assessment.

Assessment and Report Tour (2:30)

The Becoming Us assessment is designed to shed insight on how each partner’s enneagram profile plays into their relationship. It ultimately helps people understand themselves and their partner better. (Understanding motivations, marks of a healthy and unhealthy couple, communication styles, childhood impact, suggestions for personal growth, and more.) 

Their free report shows basic helpful info. The premium upgrade offers loads more detail and wisdom. It’s highly personalized and highly valuable. 

The Results (5:56)

A product that scales: Beth and Jeff created an upgrade path for their entire audience. They now have a very sticky call to action across all channels.

Connection with readers: The assessment provides a path to engage with their book audience on a deeper level. 

Live event engagement: The assessment provides a fun and easy way for attendees to engage in the discussion. They can do the free assessment on the spot and upgrade to the premium report while participating in the event.

Effective cultivation: Beth and Jeff collect data that helps them continue to personalize cultivation and create more value. 

Sidenote: The buzz generated through the assessment also helped their book debut at #1!

The Strategy

The Becoming Us assessment promotes Beth and Jeff’s live events, book, and online courses. Likewise, the offerings promote the assessment. They’re able to harness two-way promotion across all channels.

The free report establishes a high level of credibility. Because the value is laid out generously in the free report, many people confidently upgrade. They care about their relationships and Beth and Jeff’s tool is highly personalized and valuable. It’s a sound investment.

If you’re building a series of offerings and could benefit from having an assessment tie them all together, let’s chat. Reach out and book a free strategy call. We’d love to see you reap the same results for your audience and your business.