Your Enneagram Coach: Generating More Than 1 Million Leads


Who: Beth and Jeff McCord, authors, speakers, and founders of Your Enneagram Coach

The Situation: Beth and Jeff developed their own version of the Enneagram personality quiz with a simple quiz-building tool. Tens of thousands of visitors completed the do-it-yourself assessment they built. Eventually, they reached a point of scale where their tool wasn’t sophisticated enough to deliver the value they hoped to offer their growing audience.

The Obstacle: Their low-cost assessment tool couldn’t produce a variety of custom responses. Accuracy was a challenge. They needed to upgrade. The long-term success of their business depended on the value they could offer their audience.

The Goal: To create a more valuable tool for users and work on growing their audience. They asked, “How can we create the most value?” and not, “How can we land the most names?” Big difference. Long-term success comes from adding value.

Assessment Tour (2:18)

– The goal was to optimize the new experience as much as possible.

– The finished product was quite an extensive assessment but unlike other online assessments of this nature, Your Enneagram Coach’s completion rate is very high.

Report Tour (3:23)

– The Your Enneagram Coach assessment report does far more than simply tell you where you fall on the continuum. There is a bevy of in-depth information regarding each personality type.

– Cultivation is embedded into the report to offer people additional information and premium offerings.

A Surprise Twist  (3:50)

Beth and Jeff noticed something unexpected after launching the new and improved assessment. Without any additional traffic, Your Enneagram Coach started getting roughly 3,500 new leads per day. As a result, traffic increased. We credit this to the generous value Beth and Jeff poured into their free report. It goes well above and beyond other free online quizzes.

The Results (4:45)

– Conversion boost: The new and improved YEG enneagram completion rates increased significantly

– Customer value: Because Beth and Jeff offer far more insight than other standard enneagram tests, their buzz-worthy assessment has generated more visitors, more leads, more cultivation.

– Personalized cultivation: The data they collect with this assessment sets them up to follow up with hyper-personalized communication and offerings. This adds more value for their audience.

The Strategy (5:47)

– This assessment is the top of Beth and Jeff’s funnel.

– It’s an attractive educational tool that is easily shared and promoted via podcasts, interviews, guest blogs, and other PR channels.

– It naturally cultivates people to premium offerings where they can learn more: workshops, books, courses, coaching, events, services, certifications and more.

– All the cultivation is driven by the value created in the assessment.

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