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How to capture at least $100k+ of hidden value from your email list

Email is a victm of its own significance.

As the highest ROI marketing channel, it has become increasingly competitive and technically complex:

  • With marketers pumping people’s inboxes full of messages its harder to stand out.
  • As email clients and consumers play defense, inbox placement algorithms and aggressive anti-spam policies prevent some of your own contacts form seeing your messages.
  • When marketing platforms add features, the technical “plumbing and wiring” you have to manage to hold your program together gets increasingly complex.
  • So much data from different systems gets generated (some of which isn’t very accurate in a post iOS14 world) that it takes extra effort to get the business insights you need.
  • The cost of growing your email list is going up (and up and up)

The good news is that new challenges always present strategic opportunities. Most marketers are just sending more to try to protect the bottom line in the short term (even though the results can be disastrous). This is HUGE opportunity for smart marketers to pull ahead.

We help clients turn email challenges into opportunities:

With economic uncertainty looming it’s more critical than ever to maximize the efficiency and good results from marketing channels. This is no time for complacency.

Typically our clients pay $50k-$150k+ for us to directly manage their email operations. For clients looking to outsource their email marketing management, our interventions generate 5-7x return on investment (which can further compound over time and as lists grow).

But not everyone wants to outsource their email program.

For those who have their own email marketing team and want to "insource" our capabilities, we developed the Deliverability and Engagement Accelerator Program to help turbo-charge your in-house team.

An Exclusive Offer

This is a brand-new offer in which we have distilled the unique strategies we implement in our full-service 6-figure engagements so you can implement them yourself.

  • The first Accelerator Program cohort will be strictly limited to 10 participating companies.
  • We know the strategies we have developed work…but we’ve never shared them in this format. That’s why you will get a higher level of access to our team and customization support than we will ever offer again.

Plus, we’re guaranteeing a minimum 2X ROI for all participants. If you complete the program and do not at least double your investment, we’ll make up the difference.

  • These first participants will have expanded access to a private community of email professionals included for up to 5 members of their team (in future, expanded community access will be an additional cost).
  • Once this cohort is full, the Accelerator Program will increase in price significantly. Since we generate 5-7X ROI on a 6-figure price, we know these insights will deliver huge ROI even at 2-3X the one-time price we’re offering to the first cohort of the Accelerator Program.

We know that this delivery format will be a learning experience for us. It is your opportunity to get a higher level of service, expanded community access, and a significant discount. We won’t offer this combination of extra features and discounted price again because we won’t need to.

About Indicator’s Deliverability and Engagement Accelerator Program

We built the program from our experience helping clients send more than 2,000,000 emails per week across a broad spectrum of industries (in both B2C and B2B contexts) with the goal of making the insights and strategies we’ve discovered more widely available.

Why would we do that? We believe that the current path represents a cynical race to the bottom that is bad for consumers, companies and brands, and marketers alike.

The Accelerator Program provides your team with insights and a custom action plan to dramatically increase your email marketing ROI and position you for sustainable success.

Here is what you can expect from joining the Indicator Deliverability and Engagement Accelerator.

What our clients are saying

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The Deliverability & Engagement Accelerator program is new; this is what a few of our full-service clients have said about working with us.

What is Included

As a member of the Accelerator Program your team gets access to three modules that each include consultation and analysis from our team, training resources, and proven templates an that you can access and utilize at your own pace.

Within each module you will help you achieve two things:

  1. Diagnose the root cause of your issues and identify the unique priorities for your business.
  2. Create a clear roadmap of actions to fix the issues and optimize your email performance.

3 Modules

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

12-Months of Expert Analysis, Tools, & Support

Each module of the Deliverability and Engagement Accelerator includes access to the following resources for 12 months:

  • Personal analysis and consultation from experts - Our team of experts personally analyze your situation and can provide two virtual consultation sessions with your team for each module along with unlimited support via email.
  • Data and Creative Templates that save hundreds of hours - Each module has templates, spreadsheets, tested email copy you can leverage, diagrams of automations and workflows that can give your team a jumpstart and save hundreds of hours of effort per year.
  • Training resources to turbocharge your team - Each module has detailed instructions and training that you can share with up to five members of your team. It’s a shortcut to empowering your team to be more effective and efficient.

BONUS: Access to the private Email Professionals Network

Plus, you can add up to five team members to our Email Professionals Network where they can participate in a community, get feedback from what’s working on the cutting edge across industries, and get access to regular office hours calls with our team.

Apply Now

If you are interested in joining the first cohort of the Accelerator program here’s what you need to do:

Schedule a call with our Client Success Team - since we guarantee a positive ROI for anyone who participates in the program and diligently implements the plan it’s important we make sure it’s a good fit for you. No pushy sales tactics, we’ll just figure out if the program is a good fit for you—and if it is, you’re in.


We guarantee that Accelerator Participants that diligently follow the program can get a minimum of 2x return on their investment in the program. If you put our ideas to work and don’t get a 2x return over the course of the program our client success team will personally work with you until you get at least double your investment in the program.


Each business is different based on it’s own unique metrics, average customer value, etc. We’ve found that a good general rule is that if you have at least one person on your team focused on managing your email marketing operations you are likely big enough to experience a positive return. Our recommendation is to schedule a call with our client success team to discuss your specific situation. Since we guarantee results, we’ll be sure you’re a good fit before proceeding.

Have more questions? Schedule a call using the form above and we can talk through your situation together.