Not All Assessments are Created Equal

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There are numerous plugins and platforms that can help you build and assessment or a quiz. What makes an Indicator assessment special? Why invest $$$ to create something that you could use a free plugin to do? This is a super valid question and we’ll do our best to address it in this article.

Indicator Is Not For Everyone

Think of your smartphone for a moment. It’s probably capable of shooting incredibly high-quality video. You can and should use it to capture special moments or record personal messages you can share with your audience. But, if you were going to make a commercial for the Super Bowl an iPhone probably wouldn’t be the tool you would choose to use. You also wouldn’t make a Super Bowl commercial yourself but rather get a team of experts to help you instead.

Assessments can be somewhat similar to this. There is absolutely a time and place for making a simple quiz with a free tool (keep reading and we’ll show an example of how one of our clients started out by using a free plugin and generated tens of thousands of email subscribers), but there also reasons to create next-level assessments that go far beyond what simpler alternatives can do.

Here are some of the top ways we think through whether the investment in a next-level assessment makes sense.

Strategy over Tactics

Treating an assessment as another tactic for building your email list will almost certainly generate some positive results. People like assessments, they convert well, ad-costs to drive traffic to assessments tend to be lower than many other content types. All this is true, but in isolation a tactic will not have long-term staying power.

Strategies backed by fundamentally true core values create far more sustainable growth than a tactic in isolation.

Core Beliefs -> Strategies -> Tactics

Here is how this plays out in the world of assessments and how it could influence your decision on what to invest in an assessment.

Core Beliefs or Values

At Indicator we have a few core beliefs that drive our marketing decisions.

Here are a few examples:

  • Relationship drives growth and transformation.
  • Abide by the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you!).
  • There is power in unwarranted generosity.
  • Customers are people, not data machines.

Starting with these beliefs, we can develop a marketing strategy that reinforces them. To do this we’ll create some practical marketing guardrails (strategies) to influence how we go about marketing.

Strategic Guardrails
Core Value Marketing Guardrails (Marketing That….)
Relationship drives growth and transformation. Creates a personal connection with the audience and helps them to feel known and cared for.
Abide by the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you!). Doesn’t waste people’s time!
There is power in unwarranted generosity. Astounds people with our generosity and our value
Customers are people, not data machines. Doesn’t make people feel like we are trying to squeeze their info out of them.

Seek to understand, listen and serve.

Layer on tactics

As we look at these marketing guardrails there are any number of tactics that could allow us to check those boxes. In fact a well crafted blog post could meet every one of those criteria. The challenge is not the tactic but how well the tactic expresses our values.

If we think about an assessment, it could or could NOT accomplish a marketing strategy that is based on our values. Here is an example of how an assessment could express our strategic marketing guardrails:

Marketing That…. Assessment
Creates a personal connection with the audience and helps them to feel known and cared for. An assessment could do this, but if it’s too simplistic, not well researched, it will fall short. People won’t feel known or cared for if it’s not well crafted.
Doesn’t waste people’s time! Some assessments make you answer a bunch of questions and then the results just aren’t very special and don’t lead you to transformation. Don’t fall into this trap!
Astounds people with our generosity and our value People should be astounded by how accurately the assessment describes them and by how much insight it offers into personal transformation.
Doesn’t make people feel like we are trying to squeeze their info out of them.

Seek to understand, listen and serve.

An assessment’s top priority should be to create value for the customer, not be a thinly veiled data collection gimmick.

Our primary aim isn’t just to implement a tactical assessment; it’s to make sure that assessment delivers on your core values.

Multi-Dimensional Results

To build on the concept of giving maximum value to our audience, one of the very practical distinguishers between Indicator and many off-the-shelf tools available is the depth of the results you can provide to your assessment takers.

Many off-the-shelf tools allow you to easily redirect people to a webpage based on their score. For really simple assessments this is fine, but these basic assessments may not deliver if you want to provide deeper results, compare and contrast, or give more personalized input based on specific responses.

Here is a quick 30 second video that shows what we mean by multi-dimensional assessment results.

Over and over again we see the highest performing funnels are the ones that create the most value for an audience in advance of a transaction. Most assessment platforms are focused on easy information INTAKE. In contrast we put an incredible amount of emphasis on the OUTPUT: the results the assessment generates in response to the users input. We believe the more accurate and valuable the results can be, the more value an assessment will add to a funnel.

Done-for-You Service with a guaranteed ROI

The biggest differentiator Indicator provides is a done-for-you service. Rather than a plugin that makes you do the work we do the work for you and we guarantee the results. We have a team of world-class copywriters, strategists, data-science specialists, and designers that are all brought to bear on bringing you results.

There is of course nothing wrong with using an off-the-shelf quiz tool. They  can be a great if what you are assessing is simple enough or if you are just starting out. In fact one of our star clients built an off-the-shelf assessment and generated tens of thousands of leads with it.

Beth and Jeff McCord founded Your Enneagram Coach which is one of the most popular resources on the internet about the Enneagram personality assessment. They had built their own assessment using an off-the-shelf tool and it was perfect for getting their site off the ground. Over time, they found the challenge to be that the tool wasn’t sophisticated enough to give detailed customizable results, the scoring logic wasn’t able to be tuned for ultra-accuracy, so sometimes they got complaints about inconsistency, and the user experience wasn’t totally on-brand.

As Your Enneagram Coach began to scale they wanted to double down on maximizing the value and user experience for their customers. We worked with them to redesign and re-implement the assessment from the ground up. As soon as the new Indicator assessment was in place their visitor to lead conversion rate immediately increased and added an additional 1,000 email subscribers per week with no additional traffic. The next-level assessment has continued to help them generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers.

Your Enneagram Coach is a great example of how far it’s possible to get with an off-the-shelf tool. We were really impressed! YEC are also an example of how much more value is available for capturing when are willing to invest in leveling up.

We work exclusively with next-level leaders: marketers who have proven success, are growth minded and who share our ethos of service to others and creating as much value as possible for their customers. This, coupled with our commitment to excellence and measurable results, gives us the necessary confidence to offer an ROI guarantee on our work.

We feel that our commitment to service and results is what really sets our solutions apart from any off-the shelf tool.

If you feel like a well-executed assessment could help you scale your impact, if our values resonate we’d be happy to chat on a free strategy call.