Boost open rates and optimize
revenue from email marketing.

Solve deliverability issues    |    Increase Open Rates   |    Unlock more revenue

As we launch to the public for the first time, we're guaranteeing 200% ROI for all qualified clients: if you don't double your investment, we will personally make up the difference. Book a demo to access our calculator and see if you qualify for the ROI Guarantee. 

Escape the email arms race.

Email is such a powerful channel it’s becoming an arms race for attention. Smart marketers are having to work harder than ever to get the results they need.

Deliverability Issues - Keeping in the in-box and out of spam is more important than ever.

Lower Engagement - More competition results in lower open rates and lower open rates trigger algorithms to put

Fuzzy Data  - It takes lots of effort and complex “plumbing and wiring” between systems to track key metrics and understand the true value of email audience segments.

We help clients maximize the potential of their email lists by solving tricky deliverability and open rate issues.

5 Pillars for better email marketing

How we can help you turbo-charge your email results

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Comprehensive Deliverability Audit

75+ tech factors analyzed that can impact deliverability and inbox placement.

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Revenue X-Ray

Understand the value of your list and unlock revenue potential hiding in plain sight.

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Engagement X-Ray

Identify and focus on your most engaged subscribers (and find more like them)

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Attrition X-Ray

Understand your true engagement attrition rate and fix the leaky subscriber bucket.

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Optimization Roadmap

A step-by-step action plan to optimize your deliverability, unlock additional revenue, and grow your program the smart way.

What We Do

Indicator is a hybrid technology + consulting platform that helps you boost email deliverability, increase engagement, and unlock new revenue from your list. We work only with conscientious marketers committed to serving their audience (no shady tactics, “hacks,” or short-term gimmicks).

Our tech platform synthesizes data from your ESP and commerce systems and scans for tech issues that can impact in-box placement and deliverability. Our team of experts then builds a custom tailored roadmap for optimizing email performance. We have “done for you” and “done-with-you” options for implementation.

Guaranteed Results

Our unique approach is so effective that we guarantee 200% ROI to our clients. If you implement our recommendations and don't at least double your investment, we’ll make up the difference.

Next Steps

Apply for a 30 minute free strategy session. During the call we’ll plug some of your basic numbers into our framework to generate a high-level ROI analysis. No high-pressure sales tactics, we’ll simply help you evaluate the potential hidden upside in your email list.

Why Indicator?

With more than 15 years in digital marketing, strategy, and development, a few of our largest clients sought us out as research partners to help them build better email marketing programs.

They felt frustrated with slipping open rates, deliverability issues, and the complexity of getting good data from email performance. The advice they were getting from email experts rapidly expired, made their life more complicated, increased costs, and often made their brands look bad - and rarely fixed anything.

After digging into their data from millions of emails per week, our team developed insights that transformed our clients' results. Together we:

  1. Shifted focus to engagement (not list size or other vanity metrics) as the leading indicator of email success
  2. Created a platform to track and leverage meaningful engagement data automatically
  3. Discovered untapped revenue of over $250k already on our clients' lists
  4. Developed a system that reduced complexity, decreased costs, and boosted key business metrics.

The stakes, competition, and technical headaches in email have never been higher because email is so valuable. Our research culminated in a comprehensive tech stack and program designed to cut through the complexity and help our clients win in a highly competitive environment.

Now we're making it available publicly for the first time.

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