Get more from your
email marketing.

Solve Deliverability Issues  |  Increase Open Rates  |  Unlock More Revenue

We help marketing teams, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer brands solve tricky technical problems, increase open rates, and unlock more revenue from their email lists.

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Email Performance Review

Rapid analysis of 75+ factors that impact email performance with a detailed action plan for improvement.

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Resolve technical issues that are impacting your email's delivery and inbox placement.

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Dramatically increase open rates, re-activate un-engaged audience, and identify your most valuable subscribers.

How to Optimize Your Email Marketing in 2022

5 Minute Overview


The 3 areas you need to focus on (and why)

How to get insights so you can grow without increasing overhead expense or complexity

The easy way to get a custom plan for your email program

Indicator's unique focus that unlocks hidden value already on your list